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Trunk Contents

(1) "Spare" black coat (currently missing a sleeve)

(1) Extra set of clothes (shirt, pants, shoes)

(1) Paopu charm

(1) Bag containing (2) Potions, (2) Ethers, (1) Elixir

(1) Sketchbook with sketches (formerly belonged to his Naminé)

On hand
- These clothes

- Keyblade (summonable)

- Black hooded coat
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This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Mm, I don't get offended very easily, I'll let you know if something does come up, though. Do let me know if I've somehow offended you, though!

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.

Hugging this character: Suuure, but he's a bit prickly if he doesn't know you or doesn't trust you.
Kissing this character: Same as hugging, though he's more likely to shove you away.
Flirting with this character: Sure, but he won't likely flirt back.
Fighting with this character: Yes! He enjoys verbal and physical sparring.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, to a certain extent. Facial injuries as well as broken bones poking out of skin bothers me, so, uh, try to stay away from those.
Killing this character: Let me know if you plan on trying to kill him.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead, but if he realizes you're poking around in his head, he won't be very happy.

Warnings: Knows lots of magic and can summon a giant key-shaped weapon from thin air to fight with. Said keyweapon can unlock just about anything that's not magically sealed, sort of like a skeleton key for the universe.

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Player Information

Name: Daimon
Contact Info: AIM, plurk - yazooairspace
Other Characters Played: None!

Character Information

Character Name: Riku (goes by Riku, 'formally' referred to as the Riku Replica or just Replica)
Character Series: Kingdom Hearts
Character Age: Physically/mentally 15, chronologically a couple months
Character Gender: Male
Alternate Universe
Canon Point: Monstro, after the real Riku helps him defeat Parasite Cage
Background Link: Wiki article
AU Background: AU Background

Note: This is AU3

Personality: A note: This personality is based heavily on the false memories given to the Replica, so while it's nearly identical to the real Riku's personality, there are some differences.

A first impression of the Replica might reveal a blunt, slightly overconfident young man with a bit of an issue as far as manners are concerned. Or it might reveal a cool, laid-back guy with a slightly arrogant air to him. Both of these would fit his personality, but would depend on who he's with.

Generally, he presents himself as confident and laid-back, with a slightly sarcastic sense of humor and a fairly sharp wit. He enjoys playfully poking fun at his friends whenever he gets the chance, and while it may seem mean to someone who doesn't know him that well, it's really not. The meanness comes out when he's taunting his enemies, and the more often the mocking, the more he dislikes the person it's directed towards.

His two best friends are Sora and Naminé, both of whom he is extremely loyal to and would do anything for, especially after what Sora went through in Hollow Bastion. As per his fake memories, he spent much of his childhood focused on Naminé, trying his hardest to impress her. Sora was his best friend, and still is, and most often the object of his teasing, whether it was because of lost sparring matches, lost races, or that the Replica would be taller than Sora forever. He had two other friends, Donald and Goofy, who were almost as close to him as Naminé and Sora were. However, once they got separated and they joined up with the one the Replica considered the 'fake' Riku, he began to distrust them and no longer considers them friends.

Another aspect of the Replica's personality is that he's extremely competitive and has a hard time backing down from a challenge. On the islands, he would constantly compete with Sora, in everything from races across a section of the island, to swordfights. Tied in with his tendency to be overconfident, he's very likely to accept a challenge with the assumption that he'll wipe the floor with the competition and pass with flying colors. However, this doesn't mean that he'll blindly rush into something without considering it first, it just means that he won't accept leaving a loser. He's capable of coming up with a plan on the fly, and also isn't afraid to exploit a loophole if given the opportunity.

Not that thinking is necessarily a good thing, as he is capable of thinking up an entire complex plot to accomplish something, but that doesn't always mean the plot is a good one, just that the end result will be what he wants it to be. The devil is usually in the details, which the Replica usually isn't entirely concerned with, as long as the end result is what he wants.

One thing of note about the Replica is that while Riku isn't the most friendly person in the world, the Replica is even further from that. He's primarily focused on keeping Naminé safe from his enemies, and helping Sora to get his heart back, and those two are the people who mean the most to him. Sure, he does have friends, but several of them, like Donald and Goofy, have fallen out of favor with him due to siding with his doppelganger or DiZ.

Speaking of DiZ, he's the one who the Replica places most of the blame on for Donald and Goofy's betrayal. From what he knows, DiZ was responsible for the creation of the fake Riku and the subsequent ruination of the Replica's entire life, so he's at the top of the kill list once he's located. The Replica doesn't particularly like the Organization, either, but as they're the ones who gave him the information on DiZ and Xemnas has promised to help the Replica return Sora's heart to him, he tolerates them.

This brings us to the Replica's views on trust and his stubbornness. To put it simply, he doesn't trust people very easily and gaining his trust if you've lost it is like trying to push an elephant over. He's not a closed, solitary person, as demonstrated by the fact that he does have friends, but he has trouble trusting people right off the bat, especially if past experiences with them aren't so great. Hurting or attempting to hurt one of his friends is a great way to lose and never regain his trust and also make him very, very angry. Which is a terrible idea, because the Replica, like Riku is prone to terrible decisions (see: his ability to plan) when he's not angry, and when he is angry, he's more likely to lose control of himself. Questioning his memories is also another way to anger him, especially if you imply that they may not be real.

This attitude has actually led to some inner conflict, as the Replica hates anyone who wants to hurt his friends, but he himself as done just that on several occasions pushing away Donald and Goofy, attacking the world where Leon and gang were, as well as his attacks on the other worlds, some of them in an attempt to get rid of Riku. Deep down, he does hate himself for doing that, and feels lonely when he thinks about how he probably did lose several friends that way.

One last thing to mention is how the Replica acts towards the real Riku directly. Short version: he hates Riku. Long version: he hates Riku and wants to get rid of him. Since he thinks he's the real Riku, the Replica wants to get rid of the person who stole Sora's heart, coerced his friends into leaving him, and generally messed up his life. He's confused that Riku doesn't seem to share the same animosity towards him and instead has actually helped him. That doesn't sit well with him and makes him question whether he's actually doing the right thing sometimes.

Non-magical abilities
High Jump - He has the ability to jump several times higher than a normal person, about his own height from a standing position. Possibly further as well.

Glide - He can float through the air, slowly drifting downward until he gets close enough to touch the ground. Not flight, more like falling with style.

Swordfighting - Riku's been swordfighting since he was old enough to hold a wooden sword up, and that knowledge has transferred to the Replica. He wields a Keyblade instead of a sword, but it's about the same.

Special attacks
• Sonic Blade - Basically a quick slash at an enemy while running past them. Can include multiple slashes if the enemy is unable to move away in time.
• Ars Arcanum - Assault an enemy with a flurry of attacks too quick to block.
• Ragnarok - Much like Ars Arcanum, but up in the air
• Strike Raid - Involves throwing the keyblade at an enemy or group of enemies, basically. It either returns like a boomerang or can be summoned back.
• Sliding Dash - A quick sliding attack that brings him near his enemy(s)
• Vortex - A spinning attack that does the same thing as Sliding Dash
• Aerial Sweep - Powerful attack aimed toward an airborne enemy
• Slapshot - Used to clear out small groups of weaker enemies--involves swinging the keyblade around in a wide circle and then swinging it upward, sometimes flinging an enemy or two into the air.
• Counterattack - Self-explanatory; blocks an attack and puts him in a position to counter.
• Blitz - Powerful finisher that's good for enemies directly in front of him.
• Zansetsuken - Powerful finisher where the keyblade is held reversed (tip pointing away from enemy) and then the enemy is struck with a single powerful blow, can take down most weaker enemies
• Ripple Drive - Similar to Slapshot, but more powerful and without the upward swing at the end
• Stun Impact - Attack that involves slamming the keyblade down tip-first into the ground/floor and creating a shockwave to drive weaker enemies away
• Dodge Roll - what it sounds like, he rolls away from enemies

The Replica knows the highest tiers of all the Magic that's learnable in the first Kingdom Hearts game, meaning he knows

Firaga - powerful fire magic (offensive)
Curaga - powerful healing magic (defensive/support)
Blizzaga - powerful ice magic (offensive)
Thundaga - powerful electricity-based magic (offensive)
Aeroga - creates a strong wind barrier around allies (defensive/supportive)
Graviga - strengthens gravity in the immediate area and drags things in that area downwards (offensive)
Stopga - stops time in the immediate area for a short period of time (offensive)

Dark corridors - he can create corridors of darkness to travel through. His coat protects him from the negative effects said corridors would have on his heart.

Keyblade summoning - If he loses his grip on his weapon, he can summon it back to him, even when it's in someone else's hands.

Also, the Replica can also combine the special attacks with elemental magic, such as Strike Raid, which can become Fire Raid or Blizzard Raid( where the keyblade becomes covered in ice or fire).

Sample Entry: Most of this post.


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